Skyy Power 93.5 FM

The Programmes on Skyy Power 93.5 fm are designed with an objective to engage, entertain, inform and enlighten our audience.  For the past ten years our programs have consistently achieved the desired results by enhancing the lifestyles of our dear listeners.

We constantly review our programs, their content and delivery in other to stay refreshing and to give you, our cherished listener a unique and valuable listening experience

Brunch MIX

Brunch Mix is a 3hr music-driven magazine program hosted by one of Ghana’s Music DJs. The program is a sure source of alternate R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and African Music. Brunch Mix is a clearly distinct style of music presentation, bound to get you addicted to its soulful content. Get a daily update of business news and BBC World News on Brunch Mix. Tune-in on weekdays 10:10hrs GMT – 13:00hrs GMT with Premier Gawu, there’s a lot to listen to…

Jolly Breakfast Show

The Jolly Breakfast Show is a 3hr morning talk program that discusses political, social and environmental issues that affect lives in the Western/Central Regions and Ghana as a whole. The Show is hosted by Kofi Bentum, a seasoned talk show host with a particular strength in conducting insightful, meaningful and revealing interviews. Tune-in every weekday from 07:05hrs GMT – 10:00hrs GMT and be a part of a solution-based morning talk program, one of its kind in the twin city

Drive Jam

Drive Jam is a music-driven show designed to provide entertainment and meaningful content for the listener returning home from the day’s work. The show is your last stop for the hottest collection of R&B, Hip Hop and Ghanaian music, interspersed with tidbits, jokes, sports and news. Tune-in to Drive Jam with Jojo Lemaire, one of Ghana’s Rare radio personality.

Odam Sokoo

This is a strictly local music show hosted by a deep, very engaging and interesting young personality affectionately known as Darling Heavens. He takes you on a musical high from Monday – Friday 13:00hrs GMT – 16:00hrs GMT on Odamu Sokoo. Tune-in for a blast of Ghanaian music, laughter and interesting SMS messages from listeners.

Skyy Power Count Down

This is an R&B/Hip Hop Chart Show that runs every friday. Its a 1 and half Hour show at 19:30 – 21:00GMT. Its features tits bits and gossip on all aspect of entertainment news. Count Down also looks at other chart list in USA and UK and it is one the longest running programmes on skyy. Its hosted by J M Ceasar

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